Hamburger ad with a haunting grin


Maybe this has something to do with the disappearance…


Hamburger! The cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast!


Not only a haunting grin - anybody notice the ears?

During the 1950s Elves made a good living pushing hamburgers, noodles, and sanitary pads . . . until the Madison Avenue Blacklist pushed them to the margins.

The Keebler Elves only got their jobs thanks to a few “leftie” executives in the bakery industry.


Spooky disembodied floating Zardoz of elves.


I wish we’d have more fast food untouched by nutritionists. Who think they’re doing better.

I remember the 15 cent hamburger, and fries fried in beef tallow oil (a small serving you really did not want any more).
And a small 8oz soft drink.

That was perfectly fine.

Now, we’ve replaced high flavor small portion things with so called healthy things, it’s more volume more empty calories.

Give me a small portion of fries fried in beef tallow oil and I’ll be happy. Give me a small portion of fries fried in ‘healthy oil’ you want more fries.

You’re blaming gigantic burgers dripping with cheese and bacon on NUTRITIONISTS?

You’re blaming the every-expanding buckets of fizzy sugar water on NUTRITIONISTS?

You’re blaming the SIZE of fries servings on NUTRITIONISTS?

Actual nutritionists want things like calorie counts on menu boards and readily available nutritional information.

You might want to read "In Defense of Food"

Replacing things that satisfy the body with so called 'healthy" things can be a bad thing.
As people will tend to eat more and more of the things that don’t do the ‘turn off’ —I’m full switch in the brain and want more and more of the ‘healthy things’.

I remember Mc D fries from the 70’s when they where fried in beef tallow oil. The potion size was very small. and you really didn’t want another serving.

I’m not the only only one Julia Child says the same thing.

And “Nutritionists” were competently wrong in the 70’s when eggs and butter were BAD BAD BAD …and the nutritionists wanted lesser fat count—and then transfat whipped butter was made because it was less “FAT” and the fat was item that “BAD” at the time
Nutritionists sang the praises of trans fat whipped butter in the 70’s. Because they had and have tunnel vision for ONE thing causing a problem and now we know that transfat is probably the the worst thing you can eat.

As a science and medical thing they are great…but when public policy goes in play, as a group they’re not better than astrology.

The key is simple. I lost 20 kilos over the last couple of years by doing this one simple thing: Don’t eat crap food.

Salt, sugar, fat. Your body loves them, you’re genetically programmed to lust after them. But if you get off the treadmill, cut them out completely, after a while you lose the addiction. Exercise helps - doesn’t have to be marathons - it re-programs how the body gains nourishment - I imagine it as the CPU gradually eroding the program that identifies and uses “quick fix” sugars fats and starches, and being forced to evolve to use the slow release energy from its own system.

Nutritionists? Forget 'em. Low amounts of processed food - none is best really - candy very rarely, same for fries etc.

Basically, if you eat something and get a dopamine reward, it probably isn’t what you need to stay healthy. Oats with water for breakfast, wholegrain brown rice, that kind of thing. You eat it and just carry on as normal.

Bad food also screws up your digestion, “inflames” the system. So you always have stomach ache, which is actually pretty bad.

Sometimes I really miss 1970.

So far your hypothesis depends on ONE food item, french fries. Why have burgers, soft drinks, and everything else blown up in size?

As for Micheal Pollan, he’d likely facepalm if he knew his work was used to defend the crap-food you seem to impulsively defend.

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