Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb: classic kids' book about drumming beatnik monkeys

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My parents got this when I was a toddler. I bought one when my son was little; I recall having to buy a used copy – maybe it wasn’t in print then? When we’d get to this page, he’d make the facial expression of the small monkey on the upper left (which was the only way I knew he was paying attention).


I love this book and my 3yo still loves it. it gets us all pumped and drumming on things so not a great bedtime book… I love how it just goes off the rails with the flood of drumming monkeys, it somehow is small, tight and poetic, but also epic and bizarre at the same time. I scoured the internet for more Al Perkins joints but came up empty.


Any hepcat who makes the bedtime-story scene with this boss book deserves the honourary title of “Daddy-O”.

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