Pot and Spoon, a free children's book explaining Occupy Wall Street


I’m a little surprised that there might be kids out there whose attention this book would hold, but I guess it’s not impossible. Also, there are swears on one page! Shocking!

I might suggest “The Very Silly Mayor” by Tom Tomorrow (who draws This Modern World).


A “children’s” book that has an f-bomb on page 3. Interesting.

ETA - Jesus - that was just a god awful, confusing mess. Did anyone actually read this before throwing it up on BB, or just assumed because it mentioned “occupy” it was relevant and interesting - because it was neither of those things.


Occupy is great, and the idea that we should pass on our experience and values to kids is right on.

But this is more a parent’s book than a children’s book. It’s not the only one - I’ve seen plenty of these, usually published by conservative christians. It appeals to parents because it has the look of a children’s book, but the content is stuff that adults relate to, and kids probably won’t. It sometimes uses the simple language and silly imagination common to children’s books, and other times goes into complicated ideas which are uninteresting/irrelevant to anyone but the parent who is hoping to impart an adult ideology through reading the book to their kid.

If you want to write a kid’s book, you have to get on their level. Don’t start with your ideas and then try to dumb them down into a kid story - it’ll be incoherent and/or boring. Start from the perspective of kids, think about the issues they already understand and relate to, and go from there.


Somewhere in Pennsylvania Mr. Rogers is spinning in his grave.

Self-satirizing direct action activated!

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