Handy Chiko Roll holder


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Unopposable thumb? Someone needs to take an anatomy class.


What other cylindrical could go in there…?


That’s just dangerous. Not the food hand, but letting the passenger drive.

Australia has mammals that lay eggs. Proper thumbs are the least of their problems.


Going by the picture, it’s probably compatible with any cylindrical food of similar circumference.


I’ll stick with the Chico Roll.


Any of these


It’s small and Trump colored.


Heh, looks like a social gathering I attended recently. Except there were no egg-rolls to be found.


Wait, did I catch that correctly - there is fish in that rolled up crunchy thing?



If you want to present yourself and stand for the opposition party - by all means, go ahead.


Are these things served hot? Because I already have a hand-shaped holder, and it works fine.


No Chico Roll wrappers yet on Ebay? Wake up Aussies! People on the other side of the pond want you to take our money!


Do they have a southpaw version for those of us that drive on the left side of the road?


The clue is in the name.
Chiko, as in chicken. So no fish. And they’re great with chicken salt on them.

No chicken in it either. It’s beef. And usually no chicken in chicken salt too.

Haven’t had a chiko roll in ages.Must order some.


and it’s "send in two and be entered to win."
No mention of the odds, or volume to be awarded.


Those things always squirt.



Ah, I see. “Mystery Meat”.

I’d assumed fish as in the advo Tracey mentions her new found ease at getting home from the fish n chip shop. Is this “delicacy” vendor not one of those then?

ETA: is that an aussie inside joke I’m missing from being cursed to live on the top half of the world?


Ahh, right. Yeah, sure you can get them at the chippy. But like a battered sav or potato scallop, it’s kind of an add-on. [quote=“jamesnsc, post:18, topic:83090”]
top half of the world?

It’s like a chippy-style spring roll, but with proper thick crunchy pastry-like stuff. If that’s any help. NFI what it would be in American-speak.

ETA: Chiko rolls are their own thing. There’s stuff that’s close, but nothing else hits that combo of tasty, crunchy, greasy, salty and vaguely nauseating.


‘Chicko roll’ reminded me of this candy: