Happy 40th anniversary, Jaws!

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Some of Dreyfuss’ best laughs come from Jaws. I compiled them here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0uwYmW4a6TE


Weird fact not included in the list: Benchley went on to become a shark conservationist. Or maybe that’s not so weird if it prompted him to really look at sharks.

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Thanks! I never realized how much laughter was a part of his actor’s toolkit. Now I’ll never be able to watch a movie with him in it without thinking about that (which is a good thing).

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My best friend reminded me of all his awesome laughing in Jaws and planted the seed for this edit. It was alot of fun tracking down all his laughter. Many I knew but some I had to just patiently watch (at 1.5 speed for efficiency) to find the laughing.

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And to make things sweeter, remember that Bruce the Shark recently polled above all Presidential candidates of both parties. Bruce '16!


40th anniversary?
It’s only been 38 years…

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