Happy birthday to Neil Armstrong



FTR, I care a lot more about your birthday than his.

Happy Belated!!


Hey VC guy.
Here is a tip on being awesome.
If you are going to NEIL FUCKING ARMSTRONG’S birthday party,
maybe consider wearing a coat and tie…


He’s been dead for almost a year. What’s the point?

The point is that he was the first of our species to step off this planet and onto another world. That’s the point.


Another August 5 baby here… I’ve always been proud to share the day with Neil.

What’s the point? Hmm… kids these days…

Just in case any of the geeks here don’t know, there are annotated transcripts of the radio communications from the Apollo missions at the NASA lunar surface journal – Apollo 11 starts here. This is hugely humanizing, the annotations include comments from the astronauts, who self-assess pretty candidly, it seems. Neil Armstrong, in particular, felt he was a bit “spasmodic” in handling the Apollo 11 touchdown.

Also, Neil Armstrong’s claim to “greatest pilot ever” includes not only Apollo 11, but also Gemini 8, where he saved a crippled spacecraft, and likely the whole space program, from a stuck thruster, which is about as bad as it sounds.

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This isn’t about his accomplishments. This is about the absurdity of wishing a a dead man a “happy birthday.” Birthday wishes are for the living. We might as well be asking him, how he plans on celebrating his birthday. According to Miss Cleo, he says “Well, I was going to go on Twitter and thank all my friends for their good wishes, but then I realized that I was a pile of ash sealed in a small box at the bottom of the ocean, so I won’t be doing much of that. Damn. I really could go for a nice brain sandwich right about now.”

Happy belated birthday, Xeni!

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