Happy Inception day, Leon Kowalski!


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Where’s my flying car?



Leon’s a nice guy, but seems a bit touchy about his mother, so best to avoid the subject.


Also my sister’s birthday - happy birthday to all!



Just watched it last weekend with the family, and we all howled at that date.

Gotta say, I liked the version with the voiceovers better. My teen kids were not very impressed with this “classic”. Westworld is doing much more with the similar material.




For “Physical”, he’s rated Level A (I assume that’s as good as it gets), but rated Level C for “Mental”. Shouldn’t nuclear fission handler/loaders have a bit more smarts, I mean, somebody might get hurt.


cough “Incept date” cough


They were too busy giving us the hegemonic megacorporations.


Damn…came here to make the same joke.

My mom always said I’d be late to my own funeral.


I certainly intend to be late at my own funeral. It’d be awfully awkward otherwise.


RIP Brion James :frowning2:

I’d paste his filmography but at 171 Movies, tv shows, video games, etc etc it’s just too damn long. Great character actor.


Wherever you left it after you built it! What are you, a consumer or something? >;]P


It flew away. Where is that darn thing?


To heck with the flying car, where’s my offworld colony?

Also I wouldn’t say no to a replicant butler to do the housework around here.


“What’s a tortoise?”


This is your friendly reminder that the book was set in 1992.