Happy Mutants food and drink topic (Part 2)

I’ve never thought I wanted one before but between the brownies, the post-Thanksgiving use for stuffing, and a friend telling me recently she uses one to quickly make crispy tofu…I might grab one if I see it at the thrift store, at the very least.


:100: agree. Also, removable plates for cleaning. Going with the Krups recommendation here:


We had dinner before kickoff because we worked this morning and we’re old and might not make the final score.

We went with Detroit original Buddy’s Pizza the original Detroit style pizza with chicken wings and Hamtramck New Palace Bakery Pączki.

Where’d I put those nitro pills.


I was wondering how one ate a slice with chicken wings on it, but am glad to see them served separately.

This is a braised pork chop and baked sweet potato. The braise was loosely based on Ottolenghi’s roast pork with orange and star anise. Made a marinade with orange juice, balsamic, sesame oil, a little garlic, cumin, urfa beber, star anise and dried mint. It cooked down to a beautiful pan sauce.


don’t forget you can use your waffle iron to make kimchi jeong - kimchi pancakes! i love to do this with regular kimchi jeong batter, poured onto the waffle iron and transformed into a crunchy, fluffy, spicy cake with little divets for sauces!


And hashbrowns!


Pecan-grilled rack of lamb, roasted potatoes, whiskey-lemon-cream pan sauce.


Yes, I have made some mustard for gifts. It came out pretty good.


A bit of the shopping from the Farmers Market today.
The little white ‘ Tokyo turnips’ are one of my favorites.
Small market today. Superbowl effect?


I think my Nana had this book.


The chicken with peaches looks rather tasty.


I just ate chicken and waffles for the first time and I’m so happy. Waffle iron and air fryer are best friends.


Happy Valentine’s Day! What am I doing with my life?? I know it involves waffles, but I have the nagging feeling that there should be more.

Recipe for Strawberry/Balsamic Waffle Sauce

  1. Throw 10 or so frozen strawberries into a saucepan over medium heat.
  2. Realize you went through that little carton of Cab already, even though you meant to save it for the chocolate waffle.
  3. Open a bottle of Pinot Grigio.
  4. Add 1/4 handful of sugar (5 dessert spoons?) to the strawberries and give it a stir. It’s ok if a little Pinot gets sloshed in.
  5. Your smoke alarm is going off because you put the waffle iron on the counter right under it. Place your Corsi-Rosenthal box under the smoke alarm to clear the air.
  6. The brownie waffle you started in step -1 is for sure done at this point even if it is still too soft to remove from the iron. Figure that shit out. Flip it onto a cutting board or something, I don’t know. Try not to burn yourself.
  7. Your strawberries are boiling! Remove them from the heat and bust out that blender.
  8. Add the strawberries to the blender and give it a little hit of balsamic vinegar. Blend it up.
  9. Ignore all of your valentines texts/complete lack of valentines texts, because you’re doing important shit right now.
  10. Plate one of the waffles and top with vanilla ice cream, strawberry/balsamic sauce, and chocolate syrup.
  11. Is that Hershey’s? Dwell on what a hypocrite you are.
  12. Enjoy! Happy Valentine’s Day!

This is what I got for Valentines Day.


First time i had chicken & waffles was at a drag brunch a year or two before covid first hit. It’s definitely great :slight_smile: It’s one of those things where you know the combination works, then you eat it and you ask yourself why you haven’t had it earlier.


Yes, We had Tacos on Tuesday.


I had lunch with a Mexican co-worker yesterday, she’s a really sweet lady. I made a comment about her chicken soup she was reheating, it had a chicken foot in it and i mentioned that a mexican food truck nearby made mole with chicken and chicken feet in it. The first time i had chicken feet was when i ordered the mole there and was surprised because the feet weren’t called out on the menu :stuck_out_tongue: It was weird at the time but i did actually enjoy it and was something i had wanted to try.

We made plans to go have lunch there, and we asked if they had it but they only make it on fridays (darn!) but we looked at their daily specials and they had a couple of pigeon dishes (i suspect it’s not pigeon but something like a cornish hen? The girl didn’t seem confident when she said what it was but i wish i remembered the name for it. Started with a W). And my coworker wanted to eat something light so she ordered Mojarra frita, which i guess is tilapia? Sounded good so i ordered one too. I’m usually really picky about ordering fish, i grew up on the coast and fish in most places disappoints me but boy i was blown away at how fresh it was and how well seasoned and crispy it was. And from a food truck!

We spent about an hour thoroughly enjoying it, i was impressed.


Going to sound odd, but did she say quail? It’s pronounced kWayl (where I’m from).


It was written on a sheet of paper, i wish i could remember the spelling. All i recall is the W :stuck_out_tongue: that said next time i’m there i’ll take a look and see if they still have it up