Harry Dean Stanton dead at 91


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“The life of a repo man is always intense.” ~Bud (Harry Dean Stanton)


I was just watching him in an episode of Have Gun, Will Travel this morning, and thinking how good he was.


Not ‘Al!’



Maybe I’m just not getting a reference, but that’s Dean Stockwell.


Thing is, my brain did the same damn thing. Same joke nearly, same image nearly. Almost hit post, and I saw Harry Dean Stanton on TV this morning!


This makes me sad, too.




Not many people gotta code to live by anymore.

His code was to improve anything he was involved in. He’ll be missed.


They worked together in movies like “Paris, Texas” and were talented stock players for directors like David Lynch. They also both have “Dean” in their names, so the confusion is understandable.


Damn. I loved seeing him in movies - even small bits. Damn.


His recent work in Twin Peaks was incredible. Damn shame.


I was thinking of the wrong guy, clearly.

RIP, nevertheless.


Paris, Texas is one of the best, most intense movies ever made.



Let’s not forget Pretty in Pink. Stanton was great. I had no idea he was already over 90.


I came here to say: “Repo Man is always intense…”




If it helps, my brain made the exact same wrong connection at first.


that harmonising guitar in ‘cool hand luke’ always made it like john lennon says love is all… you need