Harry Israelson's delightful pics from a SoCal Ren Faire


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Ah, I recognize that feeling from the viking markets I’ve been to. There’s something a bit odd about a group of vikings buying ice cream in a modern gas station, but on the other hand it seems perfectly natural that the leather merchants have traded their carts for camper vans.

That entire feeling of “this is a set of tools and clothes that I could comfortably use in modern life” is also … odd, almost like learning a second language. I genuinely miss my wool cape when it’s cold outside, but I’m not quite suave enough to pull off using it in a non-viking context.


Renfair Lebowski FTW.


But it’s only clothing.


I took my daughter two weeks ago, it was an absolute blast. She loved every minute of it and tried to keep the braids she insisted on getting in for as long as she could.


one of those things you will only see at a renfest. this is from one in texas last weekend, which my wife and i attend every year.


A true viking warrior only eats ice cream from the hollowed skulls of his enemies.


Bear skulls are also acceptable, provided you killed it yourself in close combat.


You should check out a young and super hot Ed Harris and Super Hot Tom Savini.
In a movie George Romero movie “Knight Riders”.
About a traveling band of “ren fair” people that do joists on motorcycles…and are really into it…and become temporary famous.


There’s a Stephen King cameo in that, BTW.


When you’re the only one not wearing a costume, what you’re wearing looks like a costume to everybody else.


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