Harward says no to Trump's national security adviser job, citing 'shit sandwich'


Which, weirdly, may end up working in the world’s favour this time.

The US spends vastly more on military force than anyone else, but it probably gets the lowest bang-per-dollar ratio of any military as well. A huge amount of that money goes to enriching Lockheed Martin et al rather than actually enhancing military effectiveness.

So, the US military is less effective than a purely financial comparison would imply. In contrast, the Chinese military is probably substantially more effective than the publicly released information suggests; they aren’t pissing their money away on useless junk like the F-22 and F-35.

Given that China is the only plausible source of effective resistance to an aggressive Trump/Putin alliance, hooray for the PLA. They may be required to reprise the Red Army’s role of seventy years ago.


So are we imagining U.S.-Russia-India vs. China-Pakistan-Iran then :fearful:


More like US+Russia+MaybeIndia vs Everyone else.


U.S. plus Russia plus Brexit-era UK of course, plus Australia because no way you guys are opposing the U.S. and the UK at the same time, plus maybe France under le Pen …

There is no “everyone else.” That’s not how World War III works.


I wouldn’t be so sure about that.

The Oz right will push to maintain the US alliance; the left will oppose it. The UK is militarily irrelevant in the Pacific these days.


I’ll be living in Antarctica for the duration.


My mom was so happy that there was someone that could say no to him lol

I’m hoping that the Cabinet once assembled decalre him unfit for office, but pence. . .ugh, this stuff is bleak


Oi! Wait until we bring back the opium!


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