Hate Twitter's new design? Fix it with your own stylesheet!

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You had me at “Hate Twitter.”


“You’re holding it wrong!” ~ every frakking 21st century tech company


I’m hating twitter right now.


Spend time in order to waste time more efficiently!


There is a much simpler solution.




I really don’t understand the people who complain so much about the design of Twitter. If someone cares about Twitter enough that they complain about its design, then they care about Twitter enough to not use the default twitter site or client. I use Tweetdeck on the desktop and Tweetbox on iOS.

I see no ads.
I see tweets of only the people I follow in chronological order.
I don’t get notified about things my friends like or other BS like that.
It’s just perfect Twitter.
Tweetdeck is free, Tweetbot is a small one-time free.

Just don’t use default Twitter!

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Can somebody explain how I might use this to delete the massive sidebar full of ads on BB? I can open “inspect element,” but how would I highlight & delete the sidebar?

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The easiest way is just to install uBlock Origin as a browser addon and use it’s right click and Block Element feature. Using the method in the article involves writing a custom CSS stylesheet for the site, which can be tough if you’re not familiar with HTML and CSS.

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I wish we had better tooling for tearing the web’s content and presentation apart. Greasemonkey/Stylish/Stylus has always felt like an arcane, abandoned approach to wrangling the ever more sterile and hostile formats of major websites into a friendly format.

It’s like Windows and Linux, except there’s a large enough community of Linux users willing to say “You want 3D folder browsing? OK!”


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Had some thoughts about this here https://twitter.com/xtat/status/1154479896061595649 :slight_smile:

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