Have you heard Abbott & Costello's 'Ten Year Old Child Bride' joke from 1941?

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(and Louis Francis Cristillo was ~35 years old in 1941)


Here’s another (better) math joke from their repertoire:

certainly might concern modern audiences

I think anyone who watches that and decides the duo are seriously advocating for child marriage needs to get another hobby.


Not unless I come from the mountains.
Haha! That had me seriously rolling!!! His delivery is classic!


Are we sure this is a joke?

Could just be a spot-on prediction about Leonardo DiCaprio?

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This turned out to be a lot, A LOT more palatable then what I expected from the title


I had completely forgotten about that bit.

I rember seeing it years ago, though.

I actually was laughing. I know nobody would write something like this today, but it’s brilliant comedy. And it doesn’t support child marriage - it lists it as a crime and an aberration. It basically says “You don’t want to do this”. I know the OP wasn’t ranting about the joke though, so that’s okay. I just had to say that I still found it really funny and yeah, the joke still holds up. It’s still funny. We may not have people writing stuff like this anymore, but it shouldn’t be offensive. If anything, it kind of shines a light on the disparity of ages in certain couples (even at that time), which, frankly, is a good thing.

Let us also not forget that the whole Twilight series is about a couple with an even greater age disparity. /s

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