Have you seen Judd Apatow channel noted serial rapist Bill Cosby? Watch this video

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For clarification for those who haven’t watched: it’s “channeling while mocking” not “channeling while saying similar things”.


Entertaining enough I suppose, but could’ve done without the “Jews are good these days, Muslims are bad” part. Especially since Jews in Israel, at least, are indeed bad these days.

Good to hear. I watched it for a while but gave up before it got there.

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About two and half minutes in. I was ready to cringe myself but it turned out okay.


… noted serial rapist …

Funny, I don’t recall there ever being a trial and conviction.

I do not defend Bill Cosby. But I also do not condemn him until he has had his day in court.

Added: Based on my right to change my mind upon gaining additional information, and thanks to those who replied, I was not aware of Cosby's deposition. My mistake and I own it. I don't pay much attention to celebrities and so never read anything more than the headlines. I'm not deleting my comment, though I retract it. I don't delete because I don't pretend that things didn't happen.

If he doesn’t like the description he is welcome to sue.


He admitted, in the deposition which was released this past week, that he drugged women for the purpose of getting them to have sex with him.

It is highly unlikely that he will ever face a criminal trial, and he may only peripherally be connected to rape in a court of law (the largest case against him in a civil court is, IIRC, about libel or slander for him calling accusers liars).

So if you’re insisting on a court of law declaring him as a serial rapist before anyone else calls him such then I suggest you learn to ignore such comments or you stop splitting hairs on defining him as such.


How lucky for you that the crimes he had admitted to have passed their statute of limitations!

All that’s left is the court of public opinion and posterity…


Phew! For a minute there I was afraid you were going to call him a troll.

#It’s alleged troll.


You just DID defend him from being called a “serial rapist,” even though all available evidence overwhelmingly supports the assertion that he is a serial rapist. Cosby probably won’t face legal consequences for his crimes due to statutes of limitations. That doesn’t mean he shouldn’t have to face any social consequences.


He basically admitted it. If someone publicly confesses to raping someone, you don’t need a trial before you can call them a rapist.


I believe his scumbag lawyer made the claim that he admitted buying drugs to give to women for sexual purposes, but there was no admission of “drugging” them, per se (that is, no acknowledgement of giving them to the women without their knowledge). So no, not technically an admitted rapist, as of yet. And I doubt that he ever will be, unrepentent assclown that he is.

That routine was middling to awful. The Cosby stuff bailed it out.

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