Have you seen the entire Mr. Creosote sketch from Monty Python's The Meaning of Life?

I saw a swell, not to say swollen, Mister Creosote at Dragon Con this year.


I still love that sketch - one of my faves.


Saw it in the theater… TWICE.
You kids get off my lawn.


When I first watched the scene, in French, I heard Mr. Creosote say “J’ai les dents du fond qui baignent” (“the teeth at the back are drowning” or something like that) and I think the translation is better than the original “I’m stuffed”.

More to the point, this is not the entire sketch. After Mr. Creosote explodes, the cleaning crew and late shift waiters discuss about the meaning of life. This second part is not clownish or spectacularly messy like the first part, but humbling without being humiliating. You might want to give the full scene a try if you have yet to see it. Maybe you’ll like what the waiter has to say about his purpose in life, and take it as an alternative to “eat food, all of it, in a bucket”.


Same here :nauseated_face:

It is the only movie scene I can remember that caused people to leave the theater.


I was on acid the first time I saw it and Terry Jones’ double elbows made me much more uncomfortable.


It is the regular scene, but it’s not the Pythons’ best movie and I think it tends to lurk in the half-memory of things experienced in adolescence. And most clips of it are sharply abbreviated to remove the slowly-building awfulness of the scene, the framing of it as normal, so the punchlines just come across as absurd rather than obscene.

(in fact, I think this cut leaves out a line that really drives home the underlying horror of the scene,- the cleaning lady saying something antisemitic. In context it’s a tell to help show how the restaurant, the smoothly affable maitre d, are manipulating Mr Creosote’s resentments to hurt him. But maybe that’s just bad trouble these days.)


Watching it, it struck me that I’d never actually seen the whole thing, and that you might not have, either.

I remember it being on heavy rotation on one of the movie channels (HBO?) in later cable release, but not so much as Star Wars. As kids/teens, we could have watched it at least once a day, I think.

ETA: Same for Excalibur.


“I had no idea she was a racist!”

There’s a title card between Mr. Creosote exploding and the cleanup so I think technically it’s a new scene.


Thanks for the clarification. I’ve only ever seen it on video, the whole film, so I’m totally ignorant of “clip culture”.

The racist cleaning woman is left out of this clip, but she comes after Mr. Creosote explodes and is removed (or leaves, I guess?). The restaurant is empty, she’s cleaning up all the glop, and gives a little dialogue about life. Then she sums it up by saying, “At least I’ve never worked for ____”, and Cleese’s waiter dumps the vomit bucket on her head.


I still have flashbacks when people offer me an after-dinner mint, and I could only watch the entire scene once. :nauseated_face:


Who knew? Some of the most excerptable films are actually worth watching in their entirety. (The meaning of life is structured around a series of sketches, though)

I don’t really like Find the Fish, but the Latin lessons one is pretty good.


Now that I’m an adult I feel like every other Python sketch is about British class/wealth issues. It was seeing the “tinny/woody words” sketch for the first time in years and suddenly realizing just how many servants were standing around in the background of this room full of inbred idiots discussing this nonsensical division of words that really flipped that switch for me.


Oh no, I found the fish with human faces MUCH more disturbing. I could watch the Creosote sketch on loop.


Hah! ditto. Man, 17yo me was not very savvy.


Another disturbing thing was the younger men at a nearby tables (one admonished “Oh, Max!” by his wife), who’ve started puking themselves; is it just regular sympathy puking? I always thought it was implied that it was the beginning of a natural (for a variety of horrible rich person), horrifically inevitable metamorphosis into eventual Mr. Creosotes themselves.


Pretty sure the guy thought that by letting me choose he’d sit through a chick flick and then, maybe, get laid. Little did he know he’d be the one to cut the night short. <insert evil laugh>


They know a veritable barf-o-rama when they see one. During a barf-o-rama it’s considered quite gauche to not barf.


My folks took me to see that movie when I was 13. And OMFG I had never before experienced the sensation of laughing very hard while simultaneously being shocked and grossed out of my mind!

When I went to school the following Monday, I told my friends all about it, and then more and more of them went and saw it and we would act out in class “How are you today?” “Better… better bring a bucket!” followed by 20 minutes of uproarious laughter, and then finally when the teacher got us to be quiet, someone else would whisper “wafer thin!” starting another 20 minutes of laughter and so forth.


Also, the sex education sketch was very awkward while sitting in the theater w/ my parents.


Certainly up there with the best (such as Llamas with Hats’ entire series)