Have you seen this gun? The U.S. Army is missing 31 of them

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I’m sure they’re missing some paperclips, too. (In a country with 145 million handguns floating around, where military fraud/loss/theft is significant in terms of both money and weapons, 30 handguns is less a drop in the bucket and more a drop into a bucket from which a drop is taken, etc. homeopathy-style.)


Maybe check with this guy.



I thought maybe it was a full auto model, like the Glock 18 (and seen in the second Matrix movie), but nope, just a regular semi auto hand gun. They should look for any missing weapons south of the boarder. The US Government is the weapons supplier for most cartels, right?


Crazy to think some rando can just walk in off the street and steal all this… civilians, man…

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Laughs in SS7.

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I read somewhere that the principle source of illegal guns in America is legal guns which have been stolen.

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