'Hawaii Five-0' stars quit over racial inequity

There’s a place on (primetime) TV that doesn’t look as white as the Midwest?

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If it were actually filmed and payed for and produced wholly in Hawaii for export, then there is an argument to be be made that the minorities -are- getting paid more, but as soon as you return to the transnational reality and the LA production base you realize it’s just another show where white people police the locals with the help of tonto.

That wasn’t even new five oh years ago.


I don’t watch the show, but now that I know the names involved I will most probably watch the next show they are on. I suppose that’s one benefit to them to come out of all this.

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Grace Park belongs in the new Star Trek anyhow. I hope some smart casting director makes good use of her liberation.


Please no.

Grace does not deserve to be put on a show that is more than likely going to crash and burn. Also, same network. You really think she wants to deal with them again?


Thus my suggestion, as the show might deserve her, and be well served. It could suck, i have no way to know yet, but if it does it would suck less with her in it.

Dramatically speaking, I would actually describe Danno (Scott Caan’s character) as a supporting side-kick to McGarrett rather than a lead himself, and that Chin and Kono typically had much stronger and more demanding storylines written around them than he ever did.

Also, Caan lives in LA and hasn’t been appearing in every episode the last couple of seasons so he can spend more time at home.


Yeah, when you’re one out of five, guess who’s the minority?

NOPE! It’s all the tan people. All 80% of the population that’s the minority…

That’s a special kind of cognitive disability right there…

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well, you do have to be watching NHK, or univision, or BET…


Even if it was located where the human liver normally resides and the blood it pumped was green.


Do you think that TJ Thyne makes the same as Emily Deschanel on Bones?

There is always a supporting cast. Your presumption that Kim and Park were somehow singled out because of ethnicity is a big presumption.

Don’t get me wrong, I love them both and would love to seem them get more. But the pay scale among who is a lead and who isn’t is very complex, negotiation-wise, for a lot of reasons that are not racial.

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I’m… guessing you didn’t read my response fully?

That’s me saying the same thing you did. No, I don’t expect salary parity. That was the very first thing I said.

Yes, I made the personal presumption, based on the character of the actors themselves, and added that we don’t know. Yes, it’s possible that these two actors have chosen to take a big risk and play the race card in an attempt to obtain salary parity with the leads even though, as supporting cast, they wouldn’t be entitled to that on most shows to begin with. I don’t find that particular scenario plausible, but we don’t know for sure.


Yeah, for instance, Oscar and Emmy award winning actors and actresses will generally earn more, and those are totally not awards with any history of disparity among the races, at all! /s


And guess which actors are more likely to be cast as “supporting” characters instead of leads? (Hint: Bruce Lee didn’t end up playing the sidekick on “Green Hornet” because he couldn’t match Van Williams’ legendary martial arts skills.)


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