Hawaii's action adventure helicopter tour company rings a bell

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If flying isn’t your thing there’s another company that will let you rent this van to drive around L.A.:


Doesn’t hold a candle to the largest helicopter leasing event in the Western hemisphere (since 1997)


Is there a Magnum XL Helicopters?

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Higgins will be so pissed … sorry … indignant, when you take the telephoto lens without permission.

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Helicopter? … all I could see is a place that I desperately want to go to right now… (sigh)


This company (and all other) Hellycopter flights over residential areas do more than “RING A BELL”
They have created a noisy, unrelenting nightmare for all people and pets in the previously quiet neighbourhoods they fly over. Please just post a video above peoples homes and keep the flying to over the water.

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The formative show of my youth. I had a wooden model of this chopper handmade in the Philippines. I always liked this paint scheme, and I’m surprised I’ve never seen one in person, though I’ve seen many A-Team van recreations.

Well, one difference is that this new tour service doesn’t seem to have inflatable pontoons on it’s helicopters… :thinking:

Whereas it looks like the Magnum PI helicopter did.


For people bothered by helicopter noise, detours over the water are forbidden unless the helicopter does have those pontoons, for safety reasons. Sorry!

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I think you are responding to two different posts.

But the helicopter tourist service in the video without pontoons does fly over water, which surprises me.

Let me bleach that piece of propaganda out of my brain.

The headline is correct (damn you), but the author has his head way too far up his ass. And don’t say I should have known from the source… we can’t all be experts enough to recognize at a glance who is putting out what…


I just did a quick search for an article about how right wing Magnum P.I. was. To have an org like Blaze praise them for it seemed to make my point even better.

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