Hawk attacks prey featured in magazine's photos


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I’ve seen kittens freak out on encountering a mirror before. Eventually they figure it out, though.



Seems odd that the hawks’ specialized vision allows it to see a 2-D image as 3-D; their depth perception doesn’t tip them off that this was a flat surface? Though on the other hand, evolution would not have prepared them for vertical flat images (birds are def not prepared for windows, unfortunately). So maybe not. Though it’s also possible that we’re hungry and so going for any likely food opportunity. Mmm, chukkar…


That is like my kiity watching video of squirrels on youtube.


We had red shouldered hawks nesting near our previous house, which was on a wooded lot. We also had bird feeders by our back deck, which the squirrels raided constantly. One afternoon a large squirrel was ambling along the deck rail headed for the feeder when a hawk dove at him. The squirrel ran and then leapt toward the hawk, the hawk slammed on the brakes, and the squirrel dashed under the flailing hawk to safety in the woods. I just happened to be looking out the window at the right time; it was all over in seconds. I suspect this “a good defense is a good offense” ploy on the part of the squirrel worked because the hawk was one of that year’s juveniles who was still learning the wily ways of squirrels.


Very cute how it is grabbing so urgently with its feet at the images. I can imagine what it’s saying (in the voice of “I’m crushing your head” from Kids in the Hall). Grab! Grab! Grabgrabgrabgrabgrab!


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