Watch a confused hawk repeatedly try to grab a kitten through glass

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I think it was taken in the Los Angels area.

Image is Flipped, look at the numbers on the speedometer, street sign (backwards says) Slausen Av.


And here i would’ve thought that included with the Kitten ‘firmware’ (inherited behavior) would’ve been “Cheese-it!! It’s a big bird!” (“meh. I’m a predator it’s a predator [kitten shrug]”)


Just in case you wondered why indoor cats live longer than indoor/outdoor cats.


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Then the hawk is all “shit, there’s a hyuman in there too, I’m out!” I hope kitten got lots of pets and treats after that scare.


Agreed, and the steering wheel would be on the left side, which fits. I’d say a first-year red-tailed hawk by the pale iris and tail, that maybe doesn’t quite get it about glass yet. For one to be in a city and on low perches is another clue – the older ones are wary.


Bird knows what happens if you let those things grow up!

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Kitty was just biding its time until it can do this sort of thing.


not to denigrate evolutionary history but…

basically dynosaur brain vs mammalian brain?

Cats do seem to be pretty well aware of the “mystery” of glass.

Returning from a vacation over Winter, we found a storm window shattered, and a few days later, our cat staying very still in spite of our protestations that he vacate the spot on our kitchen sink (where he “knew he was not allowed”) and observing throug the window a large Red Tail Hawk who… probably broke the storm window in the living room where said cat liked to sit on the couch back, observing the world…

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They slash across country like scythes, wiping out everything that’s trying to get away from them.


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