HBO Max might be in a little trouble

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I think that they’re saying that sci-fi/fantasy is fandom, and romance or reality TV are “genre”?

Some fucking suit made that list up, I’d wager… a suit that has not clue about fandom at all…


The weird thing to me is that the new CEO came from the Discovery side of the merger, so I just don’t get what they’re going for here. Is HBO about to ditch film and fictional tv series for reality garbage? Are we about to get 90 Day Fiancé: Game of Thrones?

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That is weird… Maybe he just has gendered ideas about TV?

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Yeah, I’d probably watch that…




Ignoring the sexist parts of the slide, from the rest of the context, I assume this is what they mean:

“lean in” - Shows where someone seeks out and engages in active watching.
“lean back” - Shows where someone may put them on in the background while they do other things.
“fandom” - Pairs with the “lean in” where fans of the show are a big part of the audience for a specific show.
“genredom” - Pairs with “lean back”. The 27 different versions of house hunting shows that are all the same but not actually the same show. Where people put them on while they’re doing other stuff.

(Generally speaking. If anyone reading is a dedicated lean in fan of house hunters international (or one of the other versions) and has sought out each new episode and season as appointment TV to watch with your phone turned off, more power to you. No judgement.)

Which, when combined with the sexist parts of the slide just makes those parts all the worse. :rage:

This one is easy, Discovery paid AT&T to get HBO. You pay for it, you get to run it.

Which, for HBO content fans means first AT&T pushed out lots of the HBO creative people as they didn’t know how to run HBO. Now, Discovery is likely to push out what’s left.

Side note: I would totally “lean in” and watch House Hunters Westeros Sunday nights at 9:00 PM. Along with some “genredom” background viewing all day over the weekend of the spin off House Hunters Westeros: Winterfell, House Hunters Westeros: Kings Landing, House Hunters Westeros: Highgarden, and don’t leave out House Hunters Pentos or House Hunters Asshai even if they’ll never be as good as the original. :wink:


I had no idea Family Guy already did that. House Hunters Westeros - Family Guy version of Game of Thrones - YouTube


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