HBO Max will most likely be called "Max" after Warner Brothers Discovery merger

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I’d suggest BE, for barely enough.

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I was thinking more like Dishbomax, or maybe HBOMaxDis.

Smart move, throwing out decades of brand goodwill associated with one cable network and reminding people of a sister network known mainly for softcore porn.

The highly-paid incompetence implied by this move indicates the presence of one or more nepo-babies in their marketing department.


A least they are letting everyone know the new service won’t be the good type of cable channel, but the shitty one no one really wanted.



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I don’t remember that at all. Now I’m wondering if Cinemax hired a whole bunch of refugees from the Z Channel once it was shut down (which would also explain the softcore porn).

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Of the pair, I thought Cinemax actually had the more diverse range of films. I recall after my grandfather died I discovered he had recorded a lot of “Cinemax After Dark,” as they termed it. But as it turned out, he also recorded lots of late night stuff not part of that block, presumably also because of the nudity. (The program guide helpfully pointed these films out.) Aria and Drive, He Said, Jack Nicholson’s first film as director, for example. Never really got around to sifting through it, though, alas.

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This whole merger has got to have a lot of people making a lot of money on backroom deals because it’s bad for consumers. The HBO Max platform, and app, were probably the best out there and the acquisition just keeps chewing away at pieces of it every day.


You could license this old Prince song for the commercials.

Is that not what HBO is known for?

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