Health insurance premiums to go up 20% for many in 2018 if Trump makes good on threat to stop U.S. payments

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When do the RICO suits start?



Just kill me now.


Subsidies that help poor people buy health insurance: bad.

Subsidies that help rich real estate brokers with bad wigs build elaborate ponzi schemes based on junk bonds: good.

Thanks for clearing that up.


Gee, mine were proposed to go up 24% before any of this.


Wasn’t it Nazi policy to destroy the infirm? Seems like dismantling health care is all part of the playbook. People who need lots of medical care make poor foot soldiers no matter how much of a Trump supporter they were.


The Holocaust began in Germany’s asylums, with the enthusiastic cooperation of the German medical establishment. Pretty much all of Germany’s disabled and mentally ill were murdered before the war even began.

We were the original Unnütze Esser.

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Yea, “may go up 20% for many” isn’t even news. Increases were even bigger before the ACA, but even without Trump’s unpredictable threats, 20% is pretty normal. Plus, may? Many? What the hell kind of journalism is that? The only thing missing is “some say.”


They will get to work on the second amendment soon enough.

They say in war that a wounded man takes the two who have to carry him - out of the fight.

What better way to occupy the time of the people who actually give a shit than to push everyone they love, who is ill, closer to the edge.

Show up at the protest, or show up to bring your friend who now cant get a ride, to dialysis? Spend your money on the ACLU, or spend it on your very sick friend who now doesn’t get to stay in the long term care facility.

It is a playbook.

Anything that levels the playing field is OUT. Anything that increases inequality is POLICY.



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There is a lot of misinformation in this. Insurance companies at gouging and using this as an opportunity. Call your state reps to prevent insurance companies to raise premiums.

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Twenty percent may be an average, but my insurance would go up 400% if I lost the subsidy. That is, if the company I get it through doesn’t pull out because of it.

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