Heinz has gone bloody mad with their ketchup this Halloween

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To be fair, fake blood is likely the best use for ketchup.


I like mustard, the spicier the better.


Ketchup is more like soupy tomato hamburger rather than blood. I used to work in the tomato harvesting industry in California’s central valley, and the ketchup is what’s derived from all the stuff that’s not needed for other things. I only once toured a cannery (where all the fresh-from-the-field tomatoes directly go), but all the guys working there were saying that if you know what goes into ketchup, you’d never eat it again.


For stage blood the prop manager mixed chocolate milk and red food coloring. It looked fairly realistic. If you need it thicker and glistening, add Karo syrup.


This is great. I just bought a container for $2.99 out the door.

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I feel doubly uninformed now. When something accidentally comes in from the field they get tomato skin rubbed on it and soup it up with vinegar?


I think ketchup is a little more… burninating… than fake blood. Back in high school, one of my friends used ketchup for fake blood in a zombie movie he was trying to make and after a few hours, his skin was rather irritated.

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how do you get a ketch… into the ketchup bottle…

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