The history of tomato ketchup


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One of the waiters at the Camellia Grill in New Orleans taught me that to get the ketchup flowing, pop the flat of your hand on the 57 where the top portion of the bottom meets the larger bottom portion. Works like a charm! I am so totally not going to thwack the top, no matter what your Newtonian Physics says.

more Heinz history, the 57 numerology expanded upon:

Is this why they now have bottles made of opaque red plastic?

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If I remember correctly Heinz Ketchup was also the first product to be labelled as certified kosher (the circled U symbol). Heinz considered the certification a proof of his product’s purity since it essentially meant that the contents of the product were being validated by an external audit and asked the certifying agency to put their logo on the label.

From the article:

What do you think about when you see a glass bottle of Heinz Tomato Ketchup on a table?

I think “Oh great, no squeeze bottle? Boooo”

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What a wonderful exposition on Ketchup, a highly utilized and delicious fruit.

Heinz also powered all his factories with there own electrical producing generators for several reasons as well he incorporated recycling.

Thanks for listing this article and hats off too Mr. Brownlee for a concise piece.

Just don’t expect to get it for free at chippies in Edinburgh.

They’re racist that way.

I’m sure the quality of Heinz will stay the same or improve now that they’re laying off 600 people.

I’m sure the quantity of Toronto Star web readership will drop off now that their website requires pay-per-view after the FREE 10 articles a month scheme wears thin, newly introduced this month of August. Can’t wait too see how the advertisement sector responses too this latest ploy.

The article you linked sounds like that particular bloke is a tight wad cry baby. 25p for ketchup? OK dont fucking buy it you wanker. Not you Daneel, the mug crying foul over racism. What a load of bosh.

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