Hello Kitty dictionary for kids has gruesome definition for necklace


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Damn. That’s not what I expected.

It’s worse. How the hell does that even happen?


That is awesome. Sure, it may have caused nightmares, but could also have helped ease children out of that bubble people seem so hell-bent on building around them.
You know the one; that bubble that causes people to go into shock when they see something die, or freeze up when they really, really need to run.


You’re complaining that the typical 8-year-old isn’t combat-ready.

I’d call that a perk, not something to go into a moral panic over.


Less moral panic, and more…annoyance that people grow up suddenly finding out that the culture of their youth has not prepared them for the harder parts of life.
Moments like that cause trauma. Mental scarring. Religious and political conservatism.


Seems out if place, but… it’s true.


Not always a bad thing:


Wow… “inappropriate” is one word for this level of offensive.

…which a woman wears around her neck.

Thanks for the gendered stereotypes.


now I want to see a Die Antwoord / Richard Ballen video alphabet.




So, any bets on whether this book was a sloppy branded cut-n’-paste from some larger dictionary; and the ctrl+c/ctr+v minion accidentally included one of the more interesting alternate definitions; or should we put this under ‘easter egg’?


If you search you’ll find plenty more wrong with this same dictionary.


At least the tyre necklace definition is gender neutral.So they did something right.


I pity the fool that tries to tell me how to accessorize.


Looks like a simple case of copy and pasting entries from another dictionary plus inadequate/no proofreading of the final book draft…


So expose them at an early age to the horror of South African “necklaces”?

No thanks. I for one am glad that most people aren’t trying to raise another Wednesday.


That’s worse than the definition for “pearl necklace” I was expecting to see.


this is what I miss for not collecting Hello Kitty products as aggressively as possible.


Proofreading? Do publishers even do that anymore? Isn’t it too expensive? /s