Hells Angels around the world rally to downrank Manitoba businesses that don't serve outlaw bikers


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I think this is hilarious. The restaurant and hotel should give the fact they are not beloved by biker gangs a prominent place on their website. It might attract more customers.


Don’t the Hell’s Angels promote their lawless counter culture ways? Shouldn’t a ban be a badge of honor proving their modus? But instead they stomp their feet on internet review sites? From counter culture to snowflakes, how embarrassing.


Down voting on Facebook is a totally outlaw 1% activity. For teenage girls. Mean girls 4ever.


TripAdvisor ratings can be manipulated?!? It’s almost like I shouldn’t trust them anymore.

Sarcasm aside, that Ontario police officer seems right off their rocker to suggest this is criminal harassment. This doesn’t come close to the bar. Maybe there are civil remedies, but unless we give TripAdvisor some sort of special status, this seems like the equivalent of saying, “Tell everyone you know this place sucks.”


This foray into the digital world offers some intriguing possibilities. Perhaps they can offer an Altamont-style moderation service for Web sites. I’ll bet the geniuses at Twitter could be convinced that $3500 worth of beer would solve their troll and spam problems.


Of all of the forms that gang affiliation takes, bikers are far and away the most pathetic.


This is just like that one Sons of Anarchy episode where a local diner refused to give Piney unlimited soft drink refills so they spent the rest of the episode getting all the charters together to write bad reviews on Yelp.


I guess we’ll take this over Molotov cocktails through the front door.


Find the nearest Hells Angels affiliate, then leave bad reviews in Google Maps.


“The entire concept for this eatery was jejune. And the portions were so small!”

-Le Boss 1%


Hells Angels are a criminal org., they just happen to ride motorcycles, and give them a bad name for decades.


we will be taking down our Facebook page today for the unforeseeable future

Which is all of it. The future cannot be foreseen! To hell with you and your “foreseeable future”! Life is an eternal mystery. You think you know where you’re going, and you wind up in Jell-O. I mean Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. I mean AARRGHH!


Bunch of leather fetish man-boys with ‘sensitive’ feelings. :rofl:


I’m getting douche-chills from the second-hand embarrassment I feel for everyone even remotely affiliated with the Hell’s Angels.

This is the least “outlaw biker” response they could possibly resort to. It’s like ending a bar fight by shitting yourself in public.


It’s like ending a bar fight by telling your mom.


What next? Will they go T-P the owner’s house at 3am? Noooooooo!


Law abiding outlaw bikers, folks!



I have seen hundreds of Hells Angels cruise through stop signs without stopping, with impunity, while approaching a memorial for slain cops at which literally thousands of cops were attending. The cops don’t seem to want to mess with them even in the rare circumstance when they had the overwhelming upper hand.

This restaurant turning them into whining broflakes is probably the strongest rebuke they have ever seen from citizens.