Help! Fashion advice!



Don’t listen to @Donald_Petersen. :wink: Novelty ties are for married men to torture their spouses and co-workers.


Not true! When i was a kid, I used to sometimes buy my fairly straight-laced father novelty ties to torture him. And sometimes, on very rare and special occasions, he’d wear one.

And @japhroaig, congratulations on the successful first date, and “break a leg” for the second! :slight_smile:


Pics plz!


I almost wrote that, too, but I think I made my point.:innocent:


Lookin’ suave as fuck! Hope it went well!


Yeah, I know. And I love Jafrog like I loves any of my brothers, but I still hate that shirt. He ain’t getting to 1st base with me in it.


What the hell kind of relationship do you have with your brothers?!


Obviously depends on the shirt.


Those slacks work really well for you. :swoon_in_general:

Brunch is an early lunch without the courage of its convictions. Or a late breakfast sheepishly pretending it didn’t oversleep. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Whichever meal is masquerading as a “brunch,” I will happily eat it though. :sweat:


Yes, it’s the correct wording. Sounds btw great ‘suave’, apart from looking good.


@japhroaig what @mindysan33 said!

And happy birthday @slybevel


Very handsome! You look great!


I’m actually blushing :blush:

If I can keep up my diet and start getting some lean muscle going, I’ll lose my moobs and beer gut in no time :smiley:. It does blow me away that me, a slightly overweight guy, has to buy ‘slim fit’ shirts.

(I’ve lost seven pounds, and mostly not water. 200, here I come!)


Dude, you must be pretty tall because that picture in no way shows you even close to 200 lbs.


6’3", 227lbs. Need to hit 200/190 so I lose my proto jowls.


just checked the BMI charts, and I am two down from the top of overweight. 20 more pounds and I’m normal (normal!?!? Don’t they know I’m eccentric!?)

I was at 265/270 a few years ago. I’ve been slowly shedding and keeping it off.


You don’t need to lose weight! And your life-loving knowledge of cheese and delicious food is very attractive. If you feel the need, can’t you just let your date look at photos of athletic people while you both enjoy the delicious meals. I’m just sayin’ …

Erm, food for thought? And carp joke.


Wait! It’s @SlyBevel b-day?

Yeah, @japhroaig let me agree with everyone else, you don’t look overweight to me… You look awesome!

Full report on this date-thingie later, right?


Oh, dear, I need to wish @SlyBevel happy birthday! It’s summer so how about a cool one?


In the lounge :wink:


Oh man, that gif makes me inappropriately lol. Every. Time.

Um, yeah, I think so. He said something about it being his cake day upthread. But that was like 12 hours ago so it might not still be his b’day!