Help Re-Name "Jefferson Davis Highway" in Virginia!


“In September 2016, the Alexandria City Council voted unanimously to begin the process of renaming Jefferson Davis Highway in Alexandria. The Ad Hoc Advisory Group on Renaming Jefferson Davis Highway is soliciting public feedback on potential new names, and will make a recommendation to the City Manager in October 2017.”

A public survey for name suggestions is here.

This re-named portion of Rt 01 goes right past Arlington National Cemetery, the Pentagon and Ronald Reagan National Airport (DCA) so, a great name is key. Get creative folks!

Edit: Arlington, Va. is now trying to change the name now too. Progress!


Obama sounds like a good name to me… Or do we have to wait till people are dead to name things?


Why wait? Lets make road names for the living!


I wish we would have to; in that case I’d be totally okay with the Trump Tower.


How about “Jefferson Davis was an Evil, Racist, Scumbag Highway”?


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