Helpful baby compliment generator

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That about covers it.


“Oh, how cute! Her/his head is shaped just like a little mason jar!”


Now I just need to commission @OtherMichael to produce a bot that will auto-reply to facebook posts for me.


Do you want it to quote the compliment generator, or RMS?

Date: Sun, 21 Feb 93 15:14:50 -0500
From: (Richard Stallman)
Subject: Another mcuddy…

Could people please not use this list to announce information of no particular interest to the people on the list? Hundreds of thousands of babies are born every day. While the whole phenomenon is menacing, one of them by itself is not newsworthy. Nor is it a difficult achievement–even some fish can do it. (Now, if you were a seahorse, it would be more interesting, since it would be the male that gave birth.)

Following your example, I might send the list an announcement whenever a new GNU program is written. That happens less often than babies are born, it does the world a lot more good, it reflects more conscious creativity and hard work, and some of the readers might actually find the information useful. Even so, I think most of the readers would consider this outside the scope and purpose of the list. Clearly that goes double for babies.

Of course, we have another place for announcements of new GNU programs. If some people like to read birth announcements, perhaps you should set up a suitable list or newsgroup. Perhaps rec.births? (While you’re at it, start rec.deaths for obituaries–they’re usually more interesting to read.)

These birth announcements also spread the myth that having a baby is something to be proud of, which fuels natalist pressure, which leads to pollution, extinction of wildlife, poverty, and ultimately mass starvation.

Perhaps the people who have decided to have no children should start making proud announcements, so as to set a better example. I could start. I’m sure everyone on this list will be glad to know I don’t plan to reproduce myself.

btw, Natalist Pressure is my new Band Name.


YES! RMS, please!


“(S)he doesn’t cry or fuss much just a mellow lil baby”
That´s one I can get behind and use freely if applicable. Shutting the hell up is my favourite trait in babies. Plus, their feet really are very small.

btw, not quite a generator, more of a list. It puts out the same compliments in the same order everytime.


Everyone’s favorite for our baby for some reason is “She has such a nice round head!”

Natalist Pressure could have easily been our daughter’s name (Natalie Presion maybe…for flavor). We were 50/50 on having a kid at all. It was the constant subconscious drumbeat in out heads that we would later regret not having a child if we didn’t that pushed us to 51/49. Of course, now that she’s here she easily my favorite person in the world, but on the separate-but-related issue of the decision to become a parent, I’m still very much undecided on whether we made the right call…


I kept telling people that my first son’s head looked like a baseball with three raisins in it. My wife thought I was insane; I thought I was charmingly accurate (it was sooooooooo round!).


Looking back, I can see it now (but couldn’t at the time) - everybody remarked on how LARGE our son’s head was. We were the first to have kids from our group, so as far as we were concerned he had a baby sized head. But yeah, after more experience with more babies, and looking back at pictures… That kid’s got a huge noggin’.


You sure you want to reveal this sort of information about your wife?

When my first litter was born (twin boys), the nurses cooed and oohed and aaahed, “Oh, Mrs! They’re beautiful!”

The doctor in charge said,“Don’t lie to her. They look like a couple of wet lizards.”

True story.


This was not a one time screed. This is a philosophy!


As a member of the FSF, do you think I do not know, yet hold my nose anyway?


Any members of VHEMT here?

A fist with eyes?

From the same episode.

I don’t know about the rest of you but everyone tells me my baby is incredibly cute.

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