Watch: 100 people share unpopular opinions

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Sometimes, late at night when I can’t sleep, I stare at the ceiling and wonder “how the hell did I like the Red Hot Chili Peppers when I was a teenager.”


the Earth can be any shape you want it
any shape at all
dark and cold or bright and warm
long or thin or small

– Thomas Dolby, The Flat Earth

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A controversial opinion that I’d never say to friends is that I don’t understand RHCP hate. They just seem like a band that was good in the 80s and are now mediocre. Help me understand why they’re bad.


I’ve never really gone through the effort to listen to their discography but I actually like some of their more commercial singles, i get why some might prefer their early stuff but its not the type of music i listen to typically. If they want to hate on the band that’s ok, just don’t hate on people that like them. It’s pretentious BS i don’t have the capacity to have around in my life, don’t like them? Cool… i don’t care.


To be clear, I was just larping as “that guy”. Then again, we are what we pretend to be, so…

I don’t have any real animosity to the band as a whole, but this song makes Anthony sound like a real dick


Sometimes a person just wants to hear a song that isn’t about California.


It’s not any one thing, not one hateful song, it’s that hearing them makes me tired of music, of the idea of music, of the physical reality and experience of music, and of the cultural industry of music.

This is not a feeling I want.



Peanut soup is disgusting

How on earth is that a hot take? I can deduce that based on first principles. Now somebody is going to tell me I have to try it first…

Only attracted to people way older than themselves

Again, not a hot take, unless you are saying everyone should be attracted to older people


I saw the Red Hot Chili Peppers last year for the first time and must say that they put on a heck of a show for being around 60 years old. I was let down by the opening act though. The Strokes opened and the lead singer was lifeless, even sitting on the corner of the stage for several songs while singing. It reminded me of when I saw Loverboy play at a county fair a few years back and their singer sauntered out and did the entire show with one butt-cheek propped on a bar stool.


Leftover pizza is better cold. There, I said it.


Agreed. Like what you like. Don’t dump on someone else for liking something you don’t, or not liking what you like.

The world is better with diversity, and your identity so much more than the music you enjoy.


U2 and Coldplay have this Very same effect on me.


Me too. I should confess that when I was a child listening to late night radio on the sly I dug U2 before they became grimly competent. Coldplay I always saw as a band that loves the corporate expansiveness of U2 but found them too edgy. Obviously they are better players than U2 but they really make you despise musicianship.


It’s a mixed back. More certain is the fact that whenever someone starts a comment here with “I know this is an unpopular opinion on Boingboing” or complains they’re being persecuted here “just because I expressed an unpopular opinion” they’re posting in bad faith.


This is a pretty interesting thing unique to higher primates. It’s a clever evolutionary solution for having enormous brains. Higher primate babies are born so helpless because there’s an upper limit on the size of the birth canal through the mom’s pelvic bone (through which the head is the largest thing that must pass). It’s the same reason babies are born with soft skulls. Evolution figured out if you birth the babies essentially prematurely, the parents can care for it long enough to keep it alive long enough to get around on its own. The brain finishes growing after birth so that it is smaller during birth. Extra parental care is traded for larger brains, which turns out to be an evolutionary advantage sufficient for one notable species to build spaceships. So while the horses are able to walk within seconds of birth, they’d never amount to much else.


Unpopular opinion: vídeo too long, didn’t watch.


I’ve heard the first three months of a baby’s life referred to as “the fourth trimester”


There’s a video?