Henry I may be the next English king found under a car lot

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Zaphod: Marvin, will you please tell us where you are!
Marvin: I’m in the car park.
Zaphod What are you doing in the car park?
Marvin: Parking cars, What else does one do in a car park?


Car park. I know you’re merican now, but have some standards man.


Is he under the Forbury Gardens lion with the ‘wrong’ legs?

So nice of the English, to let their cars frolic together in a park.


I doubt he’ll be the last.

A second king found under the foundations of a parking lot.

They must have been in some sort of feud with the Mafia…

Henry I died of food poisoning during a brief respite between intrigues , and was properly buried in an abbey that was dissolved by Henry VIII. After Henry I died, there was a civil war between Empress Matilda of Boulogne, aka Empress Maude and Stephen of Blois, known as the Anarchy.

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That adds a whole new layer of meaning to ‘park your arse over there’. And are Americans really quite so eager to be constantly describing just how many cars they have in an area designed for cars to be parked?

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