Here is a hot tub floating in the sea


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"Here is the Shipping forecast.
“Dover, Wight, Portland. West or northwest 3 or 4, occasionally 5.
Moderate or rough. Houseboats at first in South.
Poor, occasionall hot tub, otherwise good.”


I would imagine houseboat owners have to carry insurance for this kind of thing. They do exist in the real world, don’t they? Houseboats?


Houseboat = Watery grave.

(A houseboat is, by definition, bad at being a boat.)


I say skip the houseboat and just have a sea-worthy hot tub.


Any nearby sightings of a butcher, baker or candle-stick-maker?


You too could float around the NYC harbor in this very suspicious-looking contraption for only $24,950.


We heard you like being in the water, so we put …


I would imagine that a requirement for boat insurance would be somewhat difficult to enforce. They aren’t bound to a fixed location and, unlike cars, don’t necessarily travel on any kind of public thoroughfare. I imagine that it might be required if you dock your boat in a commercial location (like a marina), if you took out a loan to buy the boat, i imagine the bank would probably require it as well but, i highly doubt its legally required.

They’re in the ‘real world’ but, they aren’t really bound to what most would consider the real world, i guess. You could buy your houseboat, go straight out to international waters (provided it was sturdy enough) and never come back and, the barriers to that are pretty minimal.


If you can afford a houseboat seaworthy enough to traverse blue water, 1) you can afford insurance on it, and 2) you want insurance on it. That thing is expensive.


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