This boat is a hot tub and vice versa

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Then there’s the HotTug.

The Dutch get the hot tub like the Finns get the sauna.


Oof both boats and hot tubs already independently make me queasy. The combo?

@Akimbo_NOT, well that wouldn’t have been my first guess if you’d asked me what a “hot tug” was…


For a boat that looks like a vulva from above I completely understand

Edit: Check out their email address!:


Part of me really wants to rent one of these, but at the same time I’m afraid of being judged or capsized. (ok, not really capsized, as I’m sure these are made with plenty of buoyancy.)

As a single guy, asking my friends if they want to join me in a hot tub floating somewhere in lake union seems too…


Boy, it’d be weird if someone were to drown in one of these.


All that water surrounding you, yet I think 50 bucks says some people still pee in it.


What a coinsedence, I too am controlled by a little joy-stick.

if your vulva has a woodstove… well, have that looked at.

I really came here to say that those immersion stoves work pretty well.

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For those who might be thinking of doing this themselves…Be very careful, because the “free surface” effect can have a real negative effect on stability. Basically, if the boat tilts to one side, the water in the hottub will flow to the lower side, of the tub, putting even more weight on that side,tending to tip the boat over more.

You can get a small liquid fuel one for pretty cheap.


This boat is a lake, and visa versa.


There’s one of those in Helsinki (Finland). Never seen it used.

I was thinking the same thing. For anybody who has been in canoe or a sea kayak that gets partially filled with water the result is instability and a high risk of capsizing. Get a couple of inebriated naked hot tubbers together playing Marco Polo and it would be a recipe for disaster.

Missing: tiny toy boat on the bathtub


missing no longer!


Tilting concerns should be moot, I doubt they could get insurance otherwise.

At a glance, I’d think the foot well would act as ballast far more strongly than any sloshing could induce tilt. (especially with the vertical tub sides and how quickly water would start pouring out)

Give the engineers some credit. Plus they only sail on Lake Union. It’s not like they’re dodging surfers on a shoreline.

I give the engineers plenty of credit. But I would worry about somebody deciding that plopping a kiddy pool in a johnboat was a good idea…

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