Here is how much of a badass Jorge Ramos is


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Ramos and Cooper need to spawn a love child…

[A] and [B] need to spawn a love child
Did you ever want to play questions?


Needs more silver. (the part got averaged just right)


Wait, if he pissed off Castro, shouldn’t Republicans love him? Enemy of my enemy and all that?


Jurgen Prochnow?


And “dangerous, rich, powerful criminal” is how I would describe Trump. Also “future fascist”.


Ramos is bad news for illegal immigrants. He is awakening the great sleeping giant . . . . the silent majority of law abiding American citizens who are very sick and tired of people living in their country illegally . . . . sick and tired of hearing about it and talking about it . . . . sick and tired of nothing being done about it.


Are there any actual journalists that republicans like? Isn’t truth the enemy?


Ya know, you could do something about this…


Truth is relative, and Fox is king. Fair and balanced!


Uh, you do know that Obama’s deported more people than the last several presidents, don’t you?

Actually, he’s deported more people than any previous president. If you think there’s too many people illegally living in the US, then you ought to just shut up and wait, because Mister Hope and Change is doing a great job of kicking people out.


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