John Oliver on America's immigration courts, where families are torn apart and young children represent themselves


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John Oliver focuses on the horrors of America's immigration court system

Why should anyone care what happens to them. They are Muricans. /s




And I’m out, because the real subject is simply not joke-worthy.


Obama deported more people than any president in history and Trump is trying to beat his record.

Isn’t he obsessed with undoing everything Obama did? Shouldn’t he therefore be inviting all those deportees back? That’d show Obama!


Agreed. No way to make this funny. It’s horrifying.

Has anyone pointed out these are… people?


May as well link my thread here:


“Enemy combatants”.


My old high-school acquaintance is an immigration attorney in Boston. He’s one of the smartest people I’ve ever met. You should follow his twitter feed for insight into just how bad the situation is getting:

In his latest update he found his name in a FOIA request submitted by the ACLU. It’s insane.


The other aspect of this issue:


It gets worse.


“our military is again rich”?


Why do I even ask.


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