Trump Administration moving to store migrant kids on military bases


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Is trump still in the steak business?



Why burden military bases when Trump resort properties need cheap labor.

I know, I know, I shouldn’t give them any ideas.


They’re now only sold at some of his properties (since they flopped big time everywhere else). Still, I wouldn’t put it past Trump’s moneyed circle to try and capitalize off something like this. Think private prisons.


If they’re already pushing for “military-run internment camps for immigrant families” now—during a time of relative peace and prosperity—then just imagine the dark shit they’d pull if the country got hit with another 9/11 or Pearl Harbor.


Jeff Sessions, a King Solomon for our time.

Looks like Bachmann and Beck were right after all. The government is putting children into internment camps.


Or if we got dragged in to a war in the middle east…


I think by “dragged” you mean leap in feet first with gleeful abandon… There are certainly people backing this administration who want us to be involved in yet another war in the Mid East, preferably involving Israel, because they see it as moving us closer to the “end times” which they think means they’ll get to hang out with Jesus for 1000 years here on Earth.


Sure, the middle east death cults like Christianity, Judaism, and Islam always want war but the problem today is a man-child looking to get re-elected by dragging the U.S. in to a war.


My point was it’s not just him, it’s part of his base that is pushing for a larger war (not to mention not too few more mainstream GOPers). It’s a major reason why he retains white evangelical support despite having incredibly questionable personal morals (multiple divorces, possible cheating, etc - all without showing much remorse for that).


They’ll need a catchy name for these camps where they’re concentrating people


My point was the those people have been around a long time but now they have someone who is just stupid enough to do it in the CNC role.


But what about all the other warmongers before him… Bush, Bush, Reagan, Nixon, etc, to a lesser extent Clinton and Carter (though both had some real wins in the peacemaking column to their names at the same time). It’s a long line of people advocating for American warmaking behind the scenes, too, all in the mode of Henry Kissinger. I see it as a longer continual line of an expanding policy of war, rather than something entirely novel on Trump’s part. And once the US is involved in an overseas conflict, it’s much less likely for either party to oppose the president on foreign policy grounds (see for example the Afghanistan and Iraq wars we’re still essentially fighting). Probably the biggest break with the past was Trump moving the American embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

I think it’s easy to see Trump as an aberration to the past because of some of the three ring circus around him, but I think he is much more in line with previous presidents, despite running on Steve Bannon’s right wing anti-interventionism rhetoric.


For some reason, they had enough sense not to wake the bear. This new guy, the one who hired “War with Iran before 2019” Bolton, I’m not so sure he has any sense at all. Sure, there was some light poking in the past but compared to Iran, that’s all it was.
Don’t mistake the military actions of the past for what we are facing with Iran. Iran is not Iraq. Iran is massive, has a real military, nukes in less than a year, and the backing of Russia. That last point should scare the crap out of anyone. Russia can play the proxy war game better than most.


Concentration camps, great; that’s just what we need!

Bless whoever leaked this info; hopefully this will be one of the bits of 45’s fuckery that gets shot down completely.


Surely there are childless couples among the administration, or others deemed politically reliable, who would jump at the chance to acquire one or two of the lighter-skinned children for their very own.


Personally, I think that’s overstating the case. For one, I think the Iranians are smart enough to know that either US or the Israeli IDF could easily smash them well before they got a nuke, even if they restarted their programs today (which they still want to have decent relations with Europe, so there is still pressure not to do so). Second, they very much want to engage with the rest of the world, economically. They are sitting on some vast oil fields that isn’t doing them much good, because up until recent, they were under sanctions. The ruling clerics know that the population is restive and wants to be engaged, and they have to walk a fine line not to see their country head in the direction of Syria, because of that.

There has been quite a bit of fearmongering around Iran since 1979 and not all we hear about Iran is very accurate, I think. The fact that they have a military at all was in part due to the fact that we backed an Iraqi invasion in the early 80s (while eventually selling them weapons).

We’re just as good at proxy war as the Russians, don’t forget, since we have a long history of playing at that too. Plus, the Russians have good relations with the Israelis. In fact, I’d bet that the Russians would delight in using their relationship with both the Iranians and Israelis to actually broker a deal between them where we fail miserably because we pulled out of the Iran deal.

Anyway, just my $.02… don’t want to keep derailing on this tangent, since the topic is about migrant kids coming into the US…


~ Jeffrey Beauregard “Look what you made me do” Sessions.


Just when you think they can’t go any lower.


Human sacrifice, cannibalism, infant rape… it’s gotten so bad, that I’m fully expecting one of those three unthinkable atrocities to pop up in some form or another, if not all of them.