Trump Administration moving to store migrant kids on military bases

Something I think about the Trump admin on a daily basis: Fuck these fucking fuckers.

I try hard not to imagine it. Then, unbidden, the idea jumps into my head that Trump is exactly the sort to stage such an event for political gain. Then I’m briefly reassured by the fact that no one in this administration is competent enough to convincingly pull that off, then panicked again when I realize that Trump supporters will buy anything, no matter how unconvincing.

Well, we don’t need children taken from the families and put into questionable situations where they’re accidentally given to human traffickers and many more (about 1500) go “missing.” But we already have that. Everything is so fucked up. I’m at this point where I hear about some new Trump fuckery and actually have to consider if it’s really worse than what’s currently going on or not. I mean, it always is, but sometimes it’s better in some small way while being worse in others.


No! That’s not what they meant! That was back when the president was black bad! Now it’s all good. The new president runs resort hotels. It’s gonna be like Club Med Alamogordo!


I guess that they’re saving the FEMA Camps for something important.

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Jakers, I think you’re right! Those moppets are going to be so worn out from all the fun and games, they won’t even remember that they miss their families! I can just picture them now, singing sweet, spiritual songs while they play games like Border Guard Beatdown Tag, and that old Central American favorite, Let’s Build a Wall in the Hot, Hot Sun. Boy, oh boy, the little nippers that ORR doesn’t hand over directly to human traffickers are gonna think they died and went to heaven!


USA USA USA! I can hear it!

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“store” - what a cunning euphemism.

i feel like maybe “my first internment camp” might be more apropos.


Why? It worked so well in the past…

I’m sure no completely legal children and their families will get caught up in this by the super competent force that is ICE…

I mean wouldn’t it be easier to just issue all legal hispanics “mexican-american identification cards”? that they have to carry at all times?

Or maybe make it easier by having all hispanics have to wear some sort of bright yellow symbol on their clothing for easy identification… Maybe a big yellow eagle/snake combo…

These fuckwads either never learned their history, or simply don’t care, and are using it as a playbook.


Just in case anyone skimmed past that bit.


Yeah there’s an awful lot of horrifying wiggle room in “or wherever.”


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I think you underestimate the size, professionalism, and tech of the Iranian military. They are close allies with Russia and have state of the art weaponry. They also have a significant land mass problem.

China, India, and South Korea have been buying oil from them all along and Barclays is estimating these sanctions won’t effect their oil profitability at all. Also, Japan has already announced they are seeking a waiver to buy Iranian oil without sanction.

Well, since the whole point of the exercise is cruelty, naturally his claim to the contrary had to end with a not-so-coded “fuck you.”

Honestly, if they start separating children from their families and placing them in military bases, they have pretty much committed to that last one. Canada did this (separating children of from parents seen as less-than-people) to indigenous people, and rape is one of many outcomes that should be seen as inevitable from such a program.

Here I was prognosticating and all I had to do was read further down the thread.


Even more horrifying is that the foster care itself is hugely problematic; being dismissive on the most basic level of what happens to children is monstrous.
Here’s one of the “whatevers” where children are currently placed:


Won’t it be all Oranges and Sunshine?

Deported children were promised oranges and sunshine but they got hard labour and life in institutions such as Keaney College in Bindoon, Western Australia. Many were given to the Congregation of Christian Brothers, where they were repeatedly raped.


Do you honestly think they are a match for the US and our regional allies though? If they had the ability to really dominate the region, they wouldn’t have to rely on proxies as much.

They do? They also have military bases of a hostile major power on both sides of them. As for Russia, Putin is asserting himself internationally, true enough, but he also knows that a direct confrontation with the US would not benefit him or his interests.

We’ll see on that, I guess. As for waivers, do you really expect Trump to give them? Although then again, he’s handing out waivers for steel tariffs like candy.

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Isn’t separating families, um, like against the Constitution or something, maybe basic human decency?

The Eighth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution prohibits the federal government from imposing cruel and unusual punishment for federal crimes…The due process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution bars the states from inflicting such punishment for state crimes, and most state constitutions also prohibit the infliction of cruel and unusual punishment.

Jesus. Fucking. Christ.


Match? That depends on the war being fought. If it’s an occupation, yeah. They can keep us there for decades fighting an unwinnable occupation. If it’s to strike nuclear facilities from the air, no.

A proxy war isn’t a direct confrontation. And yes, they have a land mass problem. Compare Iran with Afghanistan where we have been at war for 17 years now. 252K sq/mi in Afghanistan vs 636K sq/mi in Iran. They have better weapons, an actual standing and trained army, oil money to buy more weapons and supplies, an actual air force. Heck, Iraq kept us mired for longer than WWII lasted. So yeah, Iran is not a good military target.

Sure, but that’s true of even the least advanced military… see Vietnam for confirmation. And we wouldn’t try to occupy Iran, I think, it would be much of what we’re doing in Yemen, Somalia, and northern Pakistan - drone bomb and utterly destabilize, which the Saudis would thank us for.

They still aren’t as dangerous as all that, though. I’m just not convinced. All our regional allies have better armed forces (Israel, Egypt, and the Saudis most especially), one is already a nuclear power, and we have bases literally all around them. Iran isn’t our problem, I don’t think.