Here we go again: Los Angeles county "strongly recommends" indoor masking as Covid cases rise

I haven’t had covid yet.
  • :mask: Yes.
  • :frowning: No.
  • :person_shrugging: Maybe?

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I’m the other guy in a mask not robbing anyone.


Wait, i haven’t had covid yet, or i haven’t not had covid yet…:thinking:


Me neither… :woman_shrugging:


No Covid, way less allergy attacks, and no bouts of the flu.


Any suggestions for people with facial hair? As far as an effective mask, I really don’t like shaving in the winter in michigan.
Or can we all just start dressing like star wars characters with their non-gender robes, masks, helmets, and what-not?

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“yes, i haven’t had covid,” or “no, i haven’t had covid”



I wish I actually liked Coke.


I’m also bearded in Michigan. This article ( Do masks still help if you have a beard? How long is the COVID booster shot effective? ) suggests N95 masks with behind the head loops for beardos. Amazon sells 5 packs of large NIOSH N95 masks for $15. I didn’t realize that my KN95 masks were not recommended for use with a beard, thanks for bringing it up!


are you suggesting that i use grandma’s tablecloth as a mask?


Depends on the size of your beard.


I work with a guy who has had COVID 4 times in the past three years. Yeah that’s right. 4. He travels a lot internationally for biz.

Wear a mask kids.


Ugh, wow. Has he apparently fully recovered each time?


Yes. First two times he was stuck in other countries with fairly severe symptoms. Since then he seems to get knocked out for a few days and then back on his feet. He loves his job apparently.




Nah, you wanna get a mask made of a good high carbon steel that’s been layered and folded a few times then acid washed to really let the pattern show.


That’s certainly true, and way too many people are dying here, although the huge population numbers for LA county (almost 10 million) alter people’s perception of relative risk. Per the state Covid dashboard website Los Angeles county has had a death rate of about 0.1 per 100k over the past 7 days, which is about the same as some much smaller counties like Yolo, Merced and Butte.

Per the CDC’s data tracker website overall California’s current 7-day average death rate is about 0.42 per 100k, and the country as a whole is at about 0.67 per 100k.


How do you sharpen your masks?

Run Away GIF


I periodically seem to get allergens trapped inside the mask with me. I need to take the mask off and lets things re-balance as my nose tells me breathing is not on the agenda. Not sure how I managed to put it on in a high concentration of whatever it is but it has happened.

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We’re in Michigan.

Just went to Meijer today to get our 3rd booster and flu shot. Me and the wife were the only ones wearing a mask and they were pretty busy because of the upcoming holiday.

Several old people that could barely walk wandering around without masks, forget covid, they wouldn’t do well with the flu.

We still wear 2, a 3M N95 with a blue surgical over that.

A few other comments above…

I had a beard when this started but I wasn’t attached to it so I shaved it off for better fitting mask. I may grow it back next spring because I hate shaving.

We talked about making an appearance at some family gatherings this year, we would wear a mask an be confident about it but the first person that gave me any crap would get an ear full and then we’d leave. Easier to spend Christmas with just me and the wife.

Our daughter and husband just got back from 10 days in Florida, mostly at Disney. They wore masks everywhere but they were definitely in the minority.

Gotta go drink a lot of juice now because I expect to have a fever and chills and body aches in a few hours. Why should this shot be any different from the others.