Here we go again: Los Angeles county "strongly recommends" indoor masking as Covid cases rise

Do you know which allergens trigger a reaction in your body?

Personally, I’m allergic to dust mites, mold, & grass pollen; so it’s fairly easy to avoid getting those in my masks.


Dude’s lungs must have the elasticity of cardboard at this point.


Idk the guy is fairly young (35-40ish) and “healthy”. Works out regularly and has a physically active (not strenuous) job. He shows no obvious signs of breathing issues.

Maybe after the next 4 or 5 instances…


my lungs still don’t feel normal more than a month after being infected :confused:

it really is luck of the draw, i think. i’m healthy, active, and… okay… not young but young enough to be still annoyed by the unsolicited aarp mailers.

it was the only time ive been sick with anything since before the pandemic started. that alone is worth masking to me. and having been covided ( you don’t wear a mask one time, sigh ) i never ever want it again


I had a bad respiratory infection the December before the first COVID outbreak that left me severely diminished in regards to breathing. Symptom lasted almost a year or so. I can’t confirm whether or not it was COVID, as some reporting placed COVID in the US well before the major outbreak, but it was bad. I’ve had COVID just once since and while the coughing was persistent post illness it didn’t come close to that earlier infection. Feeling fine today and lung capacity seems normal. Now I always wonder if the earlier illness was indeed COVID.

Still masking where needed.


Seems like there must just be genetic predisposition towards the kinds of symptoms one gets from covid. I also know people who’ve had it multiple times will no lasting ill effects, or even major symptoms, and I know people who’ve been hospitalized for months. There doesn’t seem to be rhyme or reason to it.


When I got it, I was knocked out for a week, but recovered to about 80% of normal. Strangest thing though: for about six weeks afterwards I would have a violent makes-me-sit-down coughing fit at 4:30 in the afternoon. Happened every day.

One day, it just stopped and never came back. It was just so odd.


Demons are like that.


Crowley: Let me just cause this one bit of terror before we head to the pub…


I had a very alike experience except it was night when the coughing attacked. And I think it was better in approximately two weeks.
It IS odd! And not nice
Hope you are well and better now.


The realtor for the people who bought my house six months ago was a four-timer. Never masked when they came to the house (though her clients did and I did). I gave her a wide berth after learning that.

I almost feel like you have to try to catch it that many times. I’m trying really hard not to apply moral judgement to people who’ve had it a lot because I know it’s more complicated than just being anti-science or whatever. There are lots of valid reasons someone might catch it a lot. But this lady was a sleaze so it was really hard not to pile that on to the judgements she was quietly earning.


Can relate as currently working with a similar realtor. Maybe not as sleazy but certainly care free about breathing in other peoples faces.

The guy I’m referring to travels a lot internationally. When I say a lot, I mean A LOT.

COVID finds him.


Around here there’s a raging hardcore anti-vaxer/anti-masker steeped in all the standard disinfo. Has never taken any precautions of any kind for self or others. Has not had even the merest sniffle. So I get to constantly hear about how I’m a stupid sheep living in fear who’s too ill-informed to understand Bill Gates’ nefarious plot to control us. Or something like that.

I don’t care. I get the shots. I wear the masks. So far I’m good.


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