Here we go again

I actually had to check the date to see if this was an old article. Nope, another school shooting. Apparently no fatalities, so will probably be quickly forgotten. But seriously, FUUUUUCK!!!


One fatality now, apparently.





As a follow-up on the one who died:


The news report last night indicated the gunman was subdued by middle school students. I came unglued at that point…

This isn’t the way I wanted my son to grow up; choosing what friends you would die for, deciding if he’s willing to risk it all to save a few other kids, practicing cowering in the corner of a classroom without moving or speaking once in position, being taught to fight the urge to jump out the nearest window if he hears that “pop, pop…pop,pop” coming down the hall. It’s madness, and it’s heartbreaking. We can and must do better as a country.


This one made it onto CBC site. I wonder what characteristics did that or if it was the fact it was a school shooting. (I frequently see stories here about shootings that do not make it outside the US media)


Looks like the designated “good guy with a gun” may have made the situation even worse.


So I just came across a reddit post off r/Conservative mentioning how one shooter was trans and the other was gay. That thread was bemoaning how these shooters don’t get the coverage because of not fitting the “narrative,” but I think the real talk is how anyone can get radicalized and even idolize shooters, and the two real solutions are going to be either gun control or better security, and given security doesn’t really work either, it just boils down to gun control.


And they were covered, so those redditors concerns probably aren’t that important now.

And you’re right, nobody has ever asked for more diverse murderers. What people want is guns to be made less available to anybody with ill intent, so these situations don’t happen to the always diverse victims.


Yup, making guns less available seems to be failing.

It is pretty much a daily thing now that a child finds a loose handgun and injured someone. Even if you disregard the injured, the trauma to the child is irreparable. Where is the “good guy with a gun” when the “bad guy” is a little kid?


Like my only sticking point is if we were able to ban guns, or even some kind of curtailing, we would logically be more reliant on police for those situations that will arise, but how much faith do we have on police to do that part properly? But then that is moot in the sense even if we just reduce gun violence to between police and those they shoot, we can then deal with a single entity that is the police rather than a bunch of individual gun owners.

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