Hereditary Samsung chieftain arrested for bribing disgraced president's "Shamanic" cult leader

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Refreshing to see a economy czar called to account for his crimes and not some fall guy. That does not occur often.


not only in South Korea, the Spanish Inquisation Judiciary is also on a run

Spain’s highest criminal court has launched a probe against the former heads of the central bank and the stock market regulator, declaring them formal suspects over their failure to stop the ill-fated flotation of Bankia.

Ordóñez has connections to the PSOE, and the the party, together with PP, formed a very grand coalition to hinder every small step clearing up the financial melt-down mess.

I am sure that he did not expect this.


At least Reverend Moon is off the scene now.

Or maybe that’s just what they want us to think.

We need a few of those spanish judges. I was impressed when they didn’t relent prosecuting Pinochet and were responsible for his incarceration in the UK.


At first I assumed that 37M was in usd and I my first thought was that makes Scientology look cheap. But it must be in Korean won. So $32,131.91 in usd. Which I think in the Scientology gift shop will get you one bumper sticker and two key chains.


If he didn’t have a temper-tantrum at an airline attendant over a bag of nuts, then he’ll be fine.

Yeah, that was a little weird.

I think I’m missing some context here. I’m vaguely aware of who Rev. Moon is, but is there any connection between the cult mentioned in the article and that guy? Is South Korea full of well-connected Scientology-esque cults for some reason I’m not grasping?

Is South Korea full of well-connected Scientology-esque cults…


… for some reason I’m not grasping?


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This link shamelessly ganked from “Onyx Spartan II” on Ars; but, if true, it would appear that the Samsung-bribery bit is a sort of appendage-scandal connected to an affair that, well, makes that whole “Remember when the US was alarmingly close to being de-facto under the presidency of Nancy Reagan’s favorite astrologer?” incident seem a trifle tame.

The fact that South Korea’s pretty-much-actually-Omni-Consumer-Products-but-in-real-life conglomerate is scamming the pension fund is just garden variety neutral evil; the backstory is nuts.


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