Here's a DogPhone so your canine can call you whenever it wants

my dog doesn’t understand screens. he does not react at all to the voices or images or people he loves on a zoom call. Even though he’ll get super excited when he sees that person 50 feet away outside a car window. There was a bit in Isle of Dogs about a dog that was special because it understood screens. My dog is not like that. My cat however is very entertained by videos on youtube of birds and small mammals and can watch them all day.

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That was an awesome take where it looks like her Uni. job is petting her dog. Like next department over, it’ll be about how they brush their teeth or something.

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Sure, it starts with phones, but soon they’ll want to vote and drive (get lost Toonces!), have a job, even join the military. The future is grim, fellow humans.


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