Here's a montage of Karens but their rants are replaced with zombie growls and screams

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Oddly, these zombies are not obsessed with brains, and seem more drawn to ignorance.


My $0.02, dehumanizing people on the other side is never a good look. Low road, high road, all that. I don’t know that I can go as far as love-thy-enemy, but I want to remember that they are human beings even as I hate the things they do.


I want them to remember they are human beings and start acting accordingly.


I don’t know. They are clearly lacking brains, and perhaps in their misguided way they are trying to get them by showing their weaknesses to the world - just hoping someone will kindly offer them some brains.


I’m torn on this one. On one hand, I completely agree with your sentiment: treating people like crap doesn’t tend to win you any awards. On the other hand, No amount of high road is going to win you any awards with the people depicted or their supporters in general. We (people seeking some semblance of decency independent of party affiliations) are kinda screwed either way here.

What I’m saying is that while this was amusing (and disturbing), I don’t think it’s going to help or hinder The Cause™. I honestly would give so very, very much to get to a point where we could return to something resembling civil discourse in American society. We used to have that once, didn’t we?


It’s not “the other side”, it’s entitled grown-ass dipshits behaving worse than most hangry toddlers.


This will haunt me dreams tonight…

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Nope; t’was merely a facade, sadly.


Seriously? Poop. :frowning:

Sweet, sweet summer child.

Perhaps Emmet Till could offer some ideas?



This is a country that has long extolled the virtues of “liberty and democracy” even though it was literally built on the backs of natives and slaves.

All our high ideals are merely lip service…


No, we didn’t. Going right back to the Framers, there was partisan rancor and incivility that ebbed and flowed in intensity but never fell close to zero. If you think this is vicious, look at the newspapers of the 19th century.


Obviously a fair and true point that I certainly agree with.

Speaking to both your and @MaiqTheLiar and @gracchus’s points, I feel like things were less toxic in the 90’s, but I was a bit younger then (late teens early 20s). Even into the early '00s it felt like you could have reasonable discussions with folks from The Other Side™, disagree about them, but that it was more often a point of subjective points rather than objective facts.

These days, it feels like the “alternative facts” label / claim has resulted in open season for outright falsehoods that are easily disproven but it no longer matters. The insane amount of complete rubbish spewing from Trump and the dropping of all pretense that it’s “country over party” is really rather terrifying to me, and it SHOULD be to everyone else, too. At least they used to pretend that they believed the things they were saying and not just regurgitating what fearless leader says, no matter how insane… Has it seriously always been that way?

Perhaps you missed out on someone named Newt Gingrich, who basically got the ball rolling on the bad-faith debate-club nerd discourse that brought us to our current situation. And as noted above, yes, it’s always been that way. Prosperous times like the 1990s can paper things over for the privileged, but the idea of comity in American politics always ends up being a myth and/or collusion.


We had whitewashed discourse. Civility (literally the good conduct of the civitas, or city-state) is only as good as it is for the most vulnerable members of society. True civility is to treat the most vulnerable with human dignity, not pretend to nor to coddle the privileged.


Fair enough. What a depressing freaking place this is. :frowning:


Which place?


Unfortunate, but it IS what we humans make of it.


Sadly, this is what chickens coming home to roost actually looks like; we are the architects of our own demise.

This BBS?

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Can’t tell if you’re making fun or simply offering a link to happy / silly things to distract me… :wink:

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