Here's a raccoon herding goats

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“That’ll do, racoon.”


Thanks, now I not only want a Border Collie I want a baby raccoon. And some sheep. Yes, don’t forget the sheep. And goats. Goats would be nice. And while we’re at it, more cats. A dozen or so should do it. Lately, I’ve only been herding pizza*. (*Plural of “Pizza”: “Pizzae”… from the Latin, “To engulf.”) But enough about me.


I really did not know how much I needed to see that.


The next release from Asylum, “Sheep-Dog vs Goat-Racoon”!

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Wildly less adorable when they’re doing it to you.


Teach him to close the gate and then I’ll be impressed.



The border collie will have its work cut out for it herding the cats.

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“Governor” is not an obvious name for a raccoon, but I respect the farmer so much more than I would had he named it “Rocket.”


Cats, yes. But, based on prior experience, not a problem at all for the BC to herd wayward pizza crusts.

Now I want to heard some goats!

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How can we stand by and ban these wonderful animals?


Original source: (there are two more videos)

How is GA NOT on this list?! Ferf*ckssake, Gov’na!

Secretly, the Goats are waiting for their little Racoon Buddy to catch up.

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Um. Please tell me about GA? I don’t know, living here and all.

This actually made me seek out Georgia’s exotic pet guidelines, and it appears we don’t even allow hedgehogs, corvids, OR (ironically) Savannah Cats. It’s quite the extensive list, although I swear our local PetSmart carries both bearded lizards AND banded tetras.


Believe me, the amount of money I spend every week on food for the hedgehogs and birds that come into my garden, they might as well be pets, in fact we talk about who’s turn it is to feed the pets!
The ‘hogs are incredibly fussy as well; official advice is to feed them cat food and kibbles - mine played with the tinned cat food then left a big poo right in the middle of an otherwise untouched dish. They love crunchy ‘pockets’, but ignore ordinary crunchy kibbles, they’d eat tinned dog food, but only if it was in gravy, and now they’ve gone off the dog food!
They’re supposed to eat slugs, snails and other invertebrates, not be bloody gourmet food critics for Chris’sakes!

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