Here's our prediction for Donald Trump's running mate


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What the hell was that about?! I realize it’s from a few years ago, but why?


Aren’t they both residents of New York? If so, then Rudy is disqualified - the running mate needs to be a resident in another state.

If they aren’t… well, the late night shows will have a great four years (at least).


Not actually true:


Okay, so the electors at the convention can’t vote for nominees from the same state. Thus not technically true, but the same effect nonetheless.


I don’t think that was a respectable republican cloth coat.


Cheney had to give up his Texas residence in order to be the VP: But hey, the $20 million retirement package from Halliburton must have softened the loss.


Well, if we’re discussing having a reasonable chance of winning a nomination rather than meeting the legal requirements to run then a Trump ticket is dead in the water regardless of who he chooses as a running mate.


Trump/Palin 2016

'merica f*ck yeah!


I dunno. He’s tapping into some pretty strong xenophobic feelings. I’m shocked that I’m writing this, but he might just pull off the nomination (I don’t think he will - I’m certain the wheels will fall off after New Hampshire, but likely before). Now, do I think he loses to Hillary in the general election? Most likely. Does he win against Sanders, Chafee, or O’Malley? I… I don’t know. The American electorate surprises me in weird, negative ways sometimes, and I can see a road leading to President Trump if we treat him as a complete joke.


This article from the 2012 election cycle breaks down his unelectability pretty well and if anything it holds even more true today:

Donald Trump’s Low Ceiling, or, Why Donald Trump Is Like The Human Centipede

TL;DR version: even with a small core of hard-core supporters he still can’t overcome the feelings of outright revulsion that the vast majority of voters feel toward him, even within his own party. Eventually it would come down to everyone else coalescing behind “anybody but Trump.”



Hey, it sort of does look like a centipede!


I think you’re fooling yourself. Even most republicans dislike the guy. He’s so sketchy, has so many skeletons in his closet, so many disreputable business practices, so many pissed off former business partners that there is absolutely no way he would survive any sort of serious public vetting. If it looked like he had a chance of taking the nom, any serious challenger would only need a few seconds to find the sort of dirt that would either disqualify him entirely or destroy his chances. If he some how managed to dodge that bullet and take the nom, even a half assed political campaign from the Democrats could discredit him in a few weeks.

It hasn’t happened yet because he’s already started to do it to himself. He’s already lost his TV show and several major partnerships. Serious pissed off a good chunk of this country, and many other ones. And he has a total lack of experience in anything approaching government.

He’ll fizzle after the first run of debates. Or more likely spectacularly implode. He’ll do a small amount of damage to the Republican brand on his way out, and burn a few more of his money making avenues.


Yet with as much supposed damage that keeps being done the GOP keeps finding supporters. Then again I hate both political parties because they continued to pay themselves during the government shutdowns. They have no real touch with the common people and I have no trust in anyone on the national level.


His name was Robert Paulson.



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