Trump and Sanders take New Hampshire

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Put them in the ring and make them fight!


Surely the correct one is Marco Ruboto, no one will be saying domo arigato that that particular Mr Ruboto though.


Christie Called Home

We don't want another Ben Carson type confusion. But Chris Christie - coming in 6th behind Marco Rubio's 5th place finish - says he's heading back to New Jersey rather than going on to South Carolina - to 'take a deep breath' and take stock of his presidential bid.

So presumably he’s dropping out.

But it is almost like a moment of concluded destiny or something biblical. The job for which he was sent to earth - or at least sent to run in the 2016 GOP presidential primaries - is done: gutting Marco Rubio and in all likelihood ending the parched Floridian’s run for President. So Christie is now being called home. Not to heaven. But to New Jersey.

Ouch. With so many out-of-gas candidates circling the drain simultaneously, the GOP primary needs to be snaked.

Since no-one else has mentioned it, I should point out that it’s common knowledge in political circles that New Hampshire voters respond most positively to candidates who point, in keeping of the State Motto, “Indica Mihi, Ubi Est”, or the “Show Me Where It Is” State.


Not my joke, but…

I firmly believe all the Republicans should be legally compelled to carry their campaign for the full term.


CNN has hillary at 39% and trump at 35%. excuse me for a simpleton but i think trump’s overall support is not that strong and in fact he would lose to a woman.

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It’s currently 60 to 38 btw… just saying. I mean, if they called Iowa a win for Clinton because of .2 percent, let’s give Bernie his full 60%. :wink:


Wonkette was liveblogging:

Most polls have just closed in New Hampshire, and our next president is … Jim Webb.

Relax, we’re just kidding. OR ARE WE?

Meanwhile, in New New Hampshire: Who said it – Zapp Brannigan or Donald Trump?


You guys really don’t read your own site, do you?


Except the DNC of NH is giving all the superdelegates to Clinton.

So you know, fuck democracy.


you rolling over? I’m not rolling over.


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