Rumor: Bushes voted for Clinton (Update: NYT reporter says nope)


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What about Billy?


I really, really wish I could be a fly on the wall next time Jeb and Billy are at a family reunion.


That “mouth-as-eyes” shop is creepier than usual



Rush Limbaugh said "I’m told…

Well then how could this not be true?


Very creepy.


I care about what Lush has to say as much as I care about what Caribou Barbie has to say.


It’s amazing to me that a NYC real estate billionaire is somehow billed as an “outsider” to the powerful elite.


“I’m told that George W. Bush… voted for Hillary Clintom…”

That idiot? Not surprising :wink:


Like how George W Bush was considered an outsider … somehow.


Who’s laughing at the whole superdelegate safety net now?!?!?!?! Had Trump run as a democrat (and he could have) he wouldn’t have run away with the nomination thanks to those good 'ol SDs.


You think that’s they only thing that would have stopped him winning the Dem nomination?


I’m a bit disappointed one of the elder Bush’s didn’t publicly endorse Clinton, I thought they might actually go that far if the race looked like a toss up (they’re probably worried about retaliation on the next generation of Bushes).

Dubya was incompetent as hell and a terrible President, but he did seem like a fairly decent human being and Jeb may have been the only primary candidate who defended Obama’s right to make a SC appointment.

For all the terrible things Republicans have been doing the Bushes haven’t really been a part of it.


No no … sorry didn’t mean to imply that.


It’s a dog whistle term. Allow me to elucidate:

“Outsider” = Can be rude to anyone.
“Politically Correct” = not letting me say anything I want without repercussion
"Make America Great Again" = back to segregation and whites only schools (note that it doesn’t mean go back to mostly union employment - which is what actually made America ‘great’)
“Jobs going to Mexico” = fear brown people
"Ban Muslims" = … exactly that oddly.
“Media Corruption” = they fact check and it isn’t fair
"Best" = Mediocre
"Amazing" = so/so
"Tremendous" = average
"I’ve heard" = I feel this is how reality should be so …
“People are saying” = Don’t blame me for my next thought
"I didn’t want to say this" = I’ve been dying for the opportunity to say this
"We are leading the polls" = When polling people at our rally after handing out money

Use this as a crib sheet and you can make sense of this election.


“Its rigged” = Yeah I’m probably going to lose
"Legal Immigrants" = Europeans
"Believe me" = What I say so that you will believe me. I’ve heard it works.


It’s not amazing, it’s exactly how the power elite fuck the rest.



I’ve always thought it meant, “Doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing.” (Aka, “Special interest lobbyists’ useful idiot”)