Rumor: Bushes voted for Clinton (Update: NYT reporter says nope)


“The Washington Examiner reports that Conservative pundit Rush Limbaugh said “I’m told that a friend of a friend of my cousin heard that George Bush voted for Hillary Clinton””


In a normal election - yes - it’s a way to separate someone from ‘outside’ the system and non-politician. As that label doesn’t apply to someone with backdoor access (and who attends the white house dinner every year for example) it was used to ‘remind’ people of the other definition while using it as a whip for the rude version.




I’ve been saying that all election. He is the ultimate insider, born and raised in wealth, handed over a real estate company along with all the political cotton candy his father had bought over the years, and so damned proud of the fact that he can buy political favors. But hey… not a politician, so of course that makes him so much better /s


The usual advantage of an outsider is that their background is a clean slate. Anyone in the political process can be tied to legislation that they voted on. Trump has been trying to keep himself clean by not revealing his taxes and suing anyone who disagrees with him,


At least Barbie makes some cogent arguments. Maths is hard.


Is there a drinking game that we can play too? Gonna need something to pass the time this evening.


Leaving it blank is a coward move. Pick one. And face the scrutiny for it. God dammit you arrogant pansy jackwagons.


Well then how could this not be true?

Because Rush is deaf?


Well, I’d argue that this year, “outsider” as a label for Trump especially means “Doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing.”



Bush the First and Bill allegedly became friends once they were both out of the presidency.


It was a great PR move for Trump. It probably told undecided voters: “Look at the establishment. Democrats, Republicans; they’re all in cahoots. Better vote for that Trump guy.”


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