Here's the easiest way to peel a canteloupe

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I’ve done it exactly this way for 30 years or more. I’m not sure it’s the best way, but I’m hanged if I can think of a better one.


Given this as approximately the way we all do it (since the way of the melonballer has passed) what’s the toughest way to peel a cantalope? (cantaloup/Kantalupe‎/cantalup/cantalupo/канталу́па…)
(“I just use me teeth!”)


Regarding cutting a pepper, I had difficulty with Step 1.

(ETA: For those who didn’t click through, there are three steps all numbered one.)

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I like my method. It’s the same as hers, up to and including cutting wedges.

The next step is: Insert face.

I would assume trying to peel a cantaloupe. (I understand that technically, the peel is being removed from the flesh, but to me, peeling connotes removing the peel as the first step, not the last [But perhaps I’m overthinking?])


That anyone would need to be shown how to do this after the age of 7 is baffling

Way too slow.

Step 0: Wash your cantaloupe


Best way to peel your melons:



I’ve always done it this way. I use the same method with pineapple, with the extra step of slicing away the fibrous core before cutting it into chunks.

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I have to take issue with Mark’s way of cutting bell peppers. Waaaay too complicated. You just make one cut through the entire pepper, bisecting the stem (see below). Then you stick your fingers into each half and pull out the core. The stalk will come with it, leaving all the flesh ready to chop, stuff, or whatever. Much easier.


We’ve always cut our melons in half, gutted the seeds, then each into 4 segments, then ‘fileted’ the rind off the segment before cutting it up into smaller chunks, so cutting chunk slices into the segments first is smarter to get it to lay flatter for fileting (if it will). It’s worth trying.

On the green peppers, as much as it’s silly fun to end up with a flat rectangle to chop up, I still don’t feel like bothering to clean up the top-bottom parts any further. I cut close around the top neck to start, cut it on the side seams to remove the rind/center, then chop the rest into slices/bits. It seems fast enough.

The best way to prep a cantaloupe is to throw it in the trash

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Well, in the professional kitchens I’ve worked in, you trim the rind off in strips, then halve, seed and cut as desired. You can get much more evenly sized pieces that way.



Nah, that’s the easiest way to share your melons.

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Monster. Top, bottom, and four sides gets the most even slabs that can then be cut into consistent julienne or dice.

Similarly, a melon should have its peel removed by cutting off the top and bottom, standing it on one of the flat ends, and cutting the peel off in 1"-ish strips along lines of longitude, similar to how one would prepare a citrus fruit for supremes.

But that’s only, like, how professionals who have done this shit all day for years do it.

Knife skills, people.

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I prefer a melon baller and this way of cutting a pepper:

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